High Efficiency Small Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Metal Cutting-Superwave Laser

Aug 11, 2018
High Efficiency Small Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Metal Cutting-Superwave Laser

SW - FLC series fiber laser cutting machine

SW - FLC series fiber optical laser cutting machine adopts the world's top fiber laser with gantry structure, high-precision bilateral drive, high strength aluminum alloy beams, precision linear rail, helical gear transmission system, and supplemented by advanced German laser cutting control system. This equipment has perfect whole rigidity, stable performance with high speed, high precision, high efficiency and high cost performance.
Fiber laser cutting machine is the newest generation laser cutting system, the fiber laser source is low energy consumption and high efficiency laser generator. The user no need do laser alignment of the laser resonator, the laser pump source is very high service life up to 100000 hours. And maintenance free.

Good configuration with high efficiency and low cost

1.Fiber Laser Source
The latest generation of fiber lasers' photoelectric conversion efficiency up to 30%, It is the traditional YAG lamp pump Laser 10 times.While electricity consumption is only one-third to one-fifth that before.The laser does not have supplies, no need to replace the lamp.
it has stable performance, and guarantee the whole machine quality.
2.Automatic Focusing System
imported Z axis configures capacitive contactless auto-tracking system, ,full-time dynamic tracking plate height,which can automatically adjust the best focus, to ensure the best cutting effect of the whole plate, and avoid material scrap caused by changing focus when the material is uneven.
3.Machine tool system
Machine tool adopts gantry structure. It has high precision, good rigidity, smooth operation. It also configures universal wheels to be energy saving, convenient and efficient.
4.Drive system
adopts imported bilateral gear-gear stripe transmission, imported linear guide, and imported double servo motor drive system,import high-precision linear module, to effectively guarantee the cutting speed and high precision.
5.Control system
Dedicated software enables graphic or text to be instantly designed or processed,flexible and easy operation.Using professional PC industrial computer with graphical interface, professional cutting software is easy to design all kinds of graphics and text and achieve real-time processing. This software support all CAD, CorelDraw and other professional drawings.
6.Cooling system
SW-FLC is equipped with the latest 3P external water-cooling system with low running noise, high temperature control precision, to provide a reliable guarantee for a long time works.
7.Red indicator
SW-FLC is equipped with a red collimator, which can help the operator to calibrate laser cutting head flexibly.
8.Gas shielded
Industrial air conditioning is configured in laser power control cabinet, to ensure laser power supply and control system working under constant temperature environment, to reduce the ageing-failure of electronic components caused by high temperature, and extend the service life of laser power supply.
Use the appropriate auxiliary gas, making the slits neat and smooth, do not need secondary polishing.

Excellent cutting quality by high efficient metal cutting

1.High processing quality, high efficiency, easy to operate and maintain
2.Smooth and fine edge or surface and small distortion
 3.Cutting line width up to 0.05-0.1mm,high precision up to 0.01mm
 4. Non-contact cutting and punching on metal or nonmetal sheets or pipes
 5.Higher cutting speed and low cost, safe to operate and stable function
 6.Adjusting the cutting height automatically that prevent the collision, you can cut the uneven plate
 7.High stability, maintenance-free,long service life   
 8.Small size, low energy consumption, less supplies, with compressed air can also
   be cut, low cost

SW-FLC Advantages

Excellent beam quality
Finest focus spot and cutting,  Higher productivity and efficiency

Extremely high cutting speed
times of CO2 laser cutting machine with similar power
High stability
adopt imported world's top fiber laser source with stable performance, the service life of key components are up to 100,000 hours

High electro-optical conversion efficiency
3 times higher than CO2 laser. It's energy conservation and environmental protection

Ultra-low cost-in-use
power consumption of fiber laser system is only 20-30% of similar CO2 laser cutting machine

Extremely low maintenance cost
 Optical fiber transmission, no need laser working gas and reflection lens,
saving a lot of maintenance costs

Easy operation and maintenance
optical fiber transmission, no need to adjust the light path

Super flexible light effect
small size, compact structure, suit for flexible processing

Technology Parameter:

Model TypeSW-FLC500
Laser sourceFiber laser source
Cutting area300x200mm
Cutting line width0.04-0.08mm (depends materials thickness)
Cutting thickness<=3mm(depends different materials)
Cutting speed500-5000mm/minute (depends materials thickness)
Cutting accuracy0.01mm
Cutting air pressure0.8-2.5Mpa
Rated power5KW
Power supplyAC220V,single phase,20Amp
Cooling systemAir cooling or water cooling
environmental conditionsNo vibration source, good ventilation, temperature 5 to 35 degrees .
Machine sizeH 1650mm,L 1500mm,W 1230mm
Machine weightN.W.750kg,G.W.850kg

Running cost analysis (for reference ONLY)

Total power consumption cost

ModulePower consumptionTotalOverall consumption
Laser Source<=4 KW·h<=24.5USD 2.4/h
Machine tool<=10 KW·h
Chiller<=3 KW·h
Vacuum cleaner<=3.5 KW·h

 Gas consumption Cost

Gas TypeGas pricesService timeTotal consumptionEdge Cutting effectNote
O2USD 2.5 /Bottle1hUSD 2.5/hBlack edgingTake 1 mm carbon steel for example
N2USD 54 /Bottle12hUSD4.5/hWhite edgeTake 1 mm SS for example

USD 1/h
(Electrical fee of air compressor)
Golden edgeThe cutting effect is best for less than 2mm steel plates.
Laser source gas consumptionNone

Consumables cost

ConsumablesService timeUnit priceConsumptionNote
Protective plate>=1440hUSD 25/PCUSD 0.017 /hGood working environment make the service time longer.
Brass mouthpiece>=720hUSD 20/PCUSD 0.028 /h

USD 0.045 /h

Total consumption cost (using O2 cutting)

Power consumption costO2 consumption costsConsumables costTotal
USD 2/hUSD 2.5/hUSD 0.045 /hUSD 4.545/h

Total consumption cost (using N2 cutting)

Power consumption costN2 consumption costsConsumables costTotal
  USD 2/hUSD4.5/hUSD 0.045 /hUSD 6.545/h

 Total consumption cost (using Air cutting)

Power consumption costAir consumption costsConsumables costTotal
USD 2.4/hUSD 1/hUSD 0.045 /hUSD 3.445/h