High Power Pillow Plate Laser Welding System-superwave Laser Welding Machine

Laser source system:


Fiber laser source system advantage:

  1. Very long lifetime, the pump source lifetime up to 100,000hours

  2. Power consumption is about 1/3 compare with CO2 laser source.

  3. Maintenance free design,direct laser beam output without and lens and mirror,  No need do alignment after transport.

  4. Laser cooling power is less than CO2 laser.

  5. Operate cost is very less compare with CO2 laser.

  6. No need use any medium gas,do not like CO2 laser need use mixed gas.

  7. Can use Argon Nitrogen as the surface protection gas, no Helium needed.

  8. Very stably pulse to pulse and laser power output

Knowledge of the Pillowplate products:

Pillowplate in apparatus are used in:

· Trough (olive)

· Square containers

· Cooled containers

· Offen walls

· Climate chambers

· Pipes

· Vibration feeders, heated or cooled

· Freeze dry plates

Single embossed detail picture laser welded:


Double embossed pillowplate


      Laser welding patterns for standard Falling Film plates:


FF circle pattern Freon DX


Falling Film water chiller pattern NH3

Machine Video: