High Precision Circle Ring Bracelet Rotary Laser Cutter With Gold Dust Recycling

Feb 19, 2019
High Precision Circle Ring Bracelet Rotary Laser Cutter With Gold Dust Recycling

The Precious metal laser cutting machine is customized for imported lasers and cutting heads according to the jewelery industry, as well as excellent quality of laser beam , suitable for cutting precious gold, 9K-24K gold, 925 silver, sterling silver and other precious metals.These metals are highly reflective materials for laser beams, low laser absorptivity, strong reflectivity, and can not be processed by ordinary laser devices.Unique optical design, adding high-reflective laser isolator, makes our SW-FLC500-Gold series of laser cutting machine can easily cut pure gold, silver and other high-reflective material, and not easy to damage the laser.


As gold and silver materials are very valuable, so we designed a professional dust and dust recovery device.Unique sealed design to prevent the loss of gold powder, which makes the loss to a minimum.High-precision jewelry laser cutting system combine the integration of the layout with sorting function.Cutting fine and the material can be used of maximization,at the same time making the loss greatly reduced.


1.Professional design of gold powder recovery device,help collect the gold powder , the loss to a minimum.

2.Special for gold and silver jewelry industry professional custom

3.Cutting fine, up to 0.05-0.1mm,the slits neat and smooth, do not need secondary polishing.

4.with path optimization, cutting starting point optimization, multi-layer, layout function, save time and material.

5.Small size, low energy consumption,  low cost,easy maintenance.