How Can Laser Head Be Protected In Laser Welding Machine?

Nov 15, 2017
How Can Laser Head Be Protected In Laser Welding Machine?

Where is the most important part of the laser welding machine? Comes from the emission of the laser laser, because there are a lot of people ignore the maintenance of the laser lead to efficiency greatly reduced in the laser welding machine, laser in the laser welding machine should be how to protect will not lead to mistakes?

Is of vital importance to the laser in the laser welding machine for welding process, welding is the main source of energy is emitted from here, to protect the laser is the key to maintain the laser welding machine, laser is the main core of the entire device, so to speak.

So how do we protect the laser head? First of all, we need to get the laser clean, laser head must be cleaned regularly, don't let some dirt influence welding quality and effect, if you don't clean the laser, so the energy of laser in laser will be affected, which leads to some impurity on the laser at the time of launch will be attached, make the light transmission has become unstable, lower quality, will affect the transmission of light.

Secondly, we should check the laser head regularly, and then replace and repair the laser head once it is found, so as to avoid the impact on the production.

Finally, actually protecting the laser head starts from the usual, if you don't pay attention to these possible problems, then the life of the laser head will be reduced.

So the laser for laser welding machine is the core of it, we must put protection of laser in the heart, must be regularly to cleaning and maintenance, it also need to be careful to use at ordinary times, so as to prolong the service life of the laser.