How To Improve The Laser Marking Use Effect And Speed Skills?

Jan 16, 2021
How To Improve The Laser Marking Use Effect And Speed Skills?

Laser marking machine is mainly used in metal materials processing, its marking content includes text, pattern, two-dimensional code, production date, etc., especially combined with flight marking system, can achieve assembly line processing marking, widely used in beverage bottle cap marking, red wine bottle, battery products and other assembly line marking processing. Then, let's analyze what factors can affect the laser marking effect and rate.

First of all, for a fixed marking figure, the factors affecting the marking efficiency can be divided into equipment itself and processing materials. Therefore, it can be concluded that the final factors affecting the marking efficiency are filling type, field mirror, vibration mirror, delay and so on.

Secondly, measures to improve the efficiency of marking:

One, four kinds of filling to choose the most appropriate;

1, two-way filling: marking efficiency, the effect is good.

2. Filling back: it can only be used when marking fine graphics and fonts, and the efficiency is similar to that of arch filling.

3, one-way filling: marking efficiency is the slowest, rarely used in actual processing.

4. Arch filling: marking efficiency is the highest, sometimes there will be connection lines, uneven problems, marking fine graphics, fonts, the above problems will not appear, so bow filling is the first choice.

The above four filling methods are different, which can be changed according to the actual marking requirements. Choosing the corresponding filling methods can also improve the marking efficiency. If you do not pursue the details of the marking effect, it is recommended to choose bow filling can significantly improve the marking speed. If you want to have both two-way filling is a very good choice.

Second, choose its better high-speed vibrating mirror;

Normally, a vibrator can scan at up to 3000mm/s, while a good high-speed vibrator can scan tens of thousands of times per second (you know what many zeros and fewer zeros mean). In addition, it is easy to deform when using ordinary vibrator to mark fine graphics or fonts, so the scanning speed must be reduced to ensure the effect.

Laser marking machine vibration mirror

Three, the appropriate field mirror;

The larger the focal length of the field mirror is, the larger the focal spot is. Under the same spot overlap rate, the filling line spacing can be increased, thus improving the marking efficiency.

Note: The larger the field mirror is, the smaller the power density is. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the filling line spacing under the condition of ensuring sufficient marking energy.

The application of fiber laser marking machine needs a certain amount of application experience of technical personnel to participate in the operation, in order to better complete a good marking effect, at the same time, fiber laser marking machine also need to know daily maintenance and cleaning, understand the basic structure and structure, in order to improve the use of fiber laser marking machine effect.