How To Maintain And Better Use Laser Marking Machine-Superwave Laser Marking Machine

Superwave laser machines are used with engilish instructions and installation of video, these are easy to understand. We have many machines are sold abroad, they are also very easy to operate.Our machine's warranty period is one year.And if there is any problem in using machine, we will be a professional point of view to answer for you.

1 the laser marking machine is always simple to maintain and routine maintenance is very important: 1) when working with a light pen, it is impossible to contact or impact the scanning table moving beams; 2) the laser and optical lens are fragile and should be handled with care when handling, and avoid vibration; 3) when failure occurs within the machine, the work should be stopped immediately and handled by professional staff; 4) it is forbidden to start the laser power supply without water or water circulation. 5) pay attention to the sequence of switching machines, and the current should be adjusted to about 5A when shutting down. 6) note that the marking machine should not exceed the work size; 7) keep the surface clean and clean; 8) keep the inner circulating water clean, clean the water tank regularly and clean off the water or pure water;

2. Environmental requirements:

1) temperature: 5 ~ 40? ;

2) relative humidity: 30 ~ 80% (no condensation); 3) ventilation equipment, no strong vibration, no heating body around; 4) clean and clean.

3. Routine maintenance:

1) the cooling water shall be pure, non-viscous, often replaced, preferably distilled water; 2) keep the work table clean and tidy;

3) the shell cover of the power supply part is best locked, in case the metal objects fall in and damage the circuit.

4) apply some lubricating oil on the wheel shaft when the sliding rod of the scanning table is not uniform. 5) the reflector and transmission mirror should be used regularly with the rubbing alcohol;

6) keep the guide rail of the scanning table clean, and use soft brush to remove dust on a regular basis;

The laser marking machine belongs to the laser high-tech products, and the scanning table used is a precision instrument to keep the working environment clean and tidy. Before switching on the laser, check whether the water cooling system is normal to ensure the safety of the laser. When the laser is moving, do not approach the light road and do not use the naked eye directly to the laser light speed.

If the circuit fails, or the laser power failure occurs, please maintain the professional staff. If the laser attenuation cannot be used, the krypton lamp will be replaced. The YAG krypton lamp can generally be used for three months. Please find a professional replacement for aging or explosion.

4. Common troubleshooting

1. Scan the workbench without action, and check it on the way:

1) whether the power supply is connected; 2) whether the transmission line is connected.

2. The krypton lamp can trigger but does not output the laser, which is checked:

1) whether the power supply is connected; 2) whether the power switch is pressed; 3) whether the current is too small; 4) whether the cavity should be adjusted; 5) whether the optical path system is broken.

3. There is laser output, but even if the current is high, it is still very shallow. Check:

6) whether the focal length is accurate; 7) whether the pump is working properly; 8) whether the pump is leaking or the water inlet is leaking; 9) whether the optical path system is offset;

10) is the surface of the reflector or mirror clean and dirty?

4. Krypton lamp cannot be triggered, check:

1) whether or not the krypton lamp electrode is mounted;

2) whether the krypton lamp is blackened and the new lamp is replaced; 3) whether the laser power supply is normal. 5. Laser engraving line is not straight, simple treatment method check:

1) whether the head screw is loose; 2) whether the guide belt is elastic and unwell.