Human Body Infrared Thermometer Used For Febrile Infection Detection

Mar 27, 2020
Human Body Infrared Thermometer Used For Febrile Infection Detection


The human body thermometer is an instrument that measures the surface temperature of the human forehead, and then obtains the actual body temperature according to the relationship between the temperature of the human forehead and the body temperature.An optical component of the thermometer gathers the energy emitted and reflected from the forehead onto the sensor, which is converted into a temperature reading by an electronic component and displayed on the display panel.When the temperature reading exceeds the high temperature alarm value, the instrument will make an alarm sound and the red alarm lamp will be lit. It is a very important instrument in modern medicine.



It is mainly used for the detection of human body temperature at entry and exit ports, airports, stations, docks, hospitals, offices, factories, schools, hotels, office buildings and other public places,to facilitate screening of patients with fever symptoms to reduce transmission and spread of the disease


1.Designed for measuring human forehead temperature

2.Backlit liquid crystal digital display

3.Fahrenheit and Celsius two modes choice

4.Power saving function with automatic shutdown

5.Compact size, reasonable structure, easy to operate