IPL Galvo Scanner

Dec 14, 2018
IPL Galvo Scanner

IPL galvo scanner is our latest R&D of high-performance galvanometer, its vertical incident light structure has small size, light weight, high speed, flexible operation, etc. A full range of security protection function and custom software, makes the stability and reliability of this IPL galvo scanner reached the world top level.


1. Adopt vertical incident light structure, compact size, only 150g, flexible and convenient.

2. Using the world's smallest scan motor, photoelectric sensor imported from United States, only 13g, 2 times faster than common IPL galvo scanner, small Angle response time reach to 0.3 ms.

3. Powerful software function, convenient parameter setting, a variety of graphics and scanning mode can be chose, the graphics have two-way adjusted function.

4. IPL galvo scanner have complete self-inspection and protection signal output function, when they detect abnormal, protection signal output within 0.1 ms, and close the laser power, effectively prevent medical accidents.

5. According to the industrial computer motherboard standard design, Control board configures comprehensive isolation measures, which has good electromagnetic compatibility, strong anti-interference ability, and effectively prevent motherboard damage caused by external access error or electricity.


IPL galvo scanner