Jewelry And Watch-Superwave Laser

Nov 03, 2018
Jewelry And Watch-Superwave Laser

Laser Technology in Jewelry and watch Repair & Production

Laser Technology is the ideal tool for micro processing of precious metals, and Widely used by manufacturers and retailers for repairs & Production. It has the lowest possible mechanical and thermal load of sensitive pieces, especially for precious unique jewels and watches.

Superwave offer whole solutions for a wide range of laser applications in the jewelry and watch industry, including laser spot welding system,  laser marking&engraving system, and jewelry laser cutting system.

Laser Spot Welder for super-fining processing, for repairing precious stones (receptacles), for Jewelry castings, for settings/frames, antiques, Titanium optical frames and watch repairs.

Laser Marking and Engraving on Rings, Watches, Bangles and other Jewelry for goldsmith