Jewelry Industry - Superwave Laser Machine

Feb 25, 2021
Jewelry Industry - Superwave Laser Machine

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In the jewelry industry, the traditional processing technology has high growth, long cycle and poor customer experience. Laser processing technology has significant advantages. In recent years, laser processing technology has been more and more widely used in jewelry industry, including laser welding, laser rapid prototyping, laser marking, laser engraving and laser cutting and grinding.

Laser welding has significant advantages over the traditional welding technology: the introduction of rapid prototyping technology greatly reduces the time from ornament design to original production; The use of laser marking and laser engraving enriches the means of jewelry surface treatment, which can further meet the personalized needs of jewelry. Laser cutting and grinding can achieve the minimum loss. Laser processing technology is playing an increasingly important role in jewelry industry.

1. jewelry laser marking

Laser surface standard technology is a kind of laser machining technology used earlier. It uses the shallow layers of evaporated and ablated material to produce the desired markings. Compared with the traditional jewelry marking technology, its main advantages are: 1. Adopt computer control, easy to change graphics; 2. 2. The use of laser processing and characterization, to meet the requirements of modern production of high efficiency, fast pace; 3. The material has wide applicability and good durability, which can guarantee the jewelry accuracy without external force; 4. Flexible processing mode is suitable for any batch production; 5. Environmental protection and pollution-free.

2. jewelry laser welding

Laser welding is widely used in jewelry manufacturing industry because of its high welding strength and speed and low reject rate. Compared with the traditional welding technology, it has the following advantages: 1. Fast speed, high strength, small deformation, no need for orthodontics and cleaning after welding; 2. 2. Suitable for welding precision workpiece, can ensure the processing quality; 3. High assembly accuracy, which is helpful for the development of new technology; 4. Good consistency and stability; 5. Can simplify the workpiece repair work; 6. Environmental protection and pollution-free; 7. Save processing metal materials.

3. jewelry laser cutting 

Using laser cutting machine to cut personalized shape for acrylic, carving imaginative graphics, made into the first jewelry, transparent beauty and personality beauty wear on the body. As a kind of close-fitting decoration, the processing quality of the first ornament is particularly important. Too rough processing can cause accidental injury to human body. In addition, for jewelry this small batch processing products, if the use of traditional mold processing, to a certain extent, will extend the delivery time, and further affect the sales of products. Therefore, high-tech laser processing has gradually become the first choice of processing tools in jewelry industry because of its advantages of high precision and high efficiency.

Jewelry Industry - Superwave laser machine