Jewelry Laser Application-Superwave Laser Machine

Jul 09, 2018
Jewelry Laser Application-Superwave Laser Machine

Jewelry Laser Welding-Laser Spot Welder for Welding and Repairing Jewelry

Laser spot welder is mainly use in jewelry and dental industry or other hardware field. This kind of machine can process all metallic material, which used for making jewelries such as gold, silver, platinum, titanium, palladium,K-Gold,Stainless steel, and their alloys. It is mainly used for manufacturing and repairing jewelries, as well as precisely welding a variety of micro and heat-sensitive parts, just like nickel straps of batteries, hairsprings, watch components, down-leads of chips.

Jewelry Laser Engraving and Marking-Fiber Laser Marking Machine for Engraving and Marking Jewelry

The fiber laser marking machine is suitable used in jewelry is maintenance-free,no consumable pasts,low cost and high efficiency,and beautiful pattern.Laser Marking and Engraving on Rings, Watches, Bangles and other Jewelry for goldsmith.

Jewelry Laser Cutting-Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Cutting Jewelry

The fiber laser cutting machine can easily cut pure gold, silver and other high-reflective material, and not easy to damage the laser.The Precious metal laser cutting machine is customized for imported lasers and cutting heads according to the jewelery industry, as well as excellent quality of laser beam , suitable for cutting precious gold, 9K-24K gold, 925 silver, sterling silver and other precious metals.

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