Laser Beam Expanders

Mar 21, 2020
Laser Beam Expanders

Beam expanders are used to evenly diffuse light in a wide variety of industrial applications. Beam expanders cause light to spread evenly across a surface, minimizing or removing high intensity bright spots. Beam expanders are also ideal for use as screens or targets in imaging applications. Beam expanders are also known as Light Beam expanders in many illumination applications. Substrate determines the level of loss due to scatter. 

Product Feature: Low insertion loss, High power, Visible light transmission, Adjustable focal length(Restricting certain types), Can be customized, Beam deviation to minimize

Product Description

Model NO.:GIAI-10.6-C0.65: 2.53-D4-MI Material:Optical Glass

Lenses Color:Yellow Certification:ISO9001