Laser Crystal

Dec 10, 2018
Laser Crystal

Laser Crystal for YAG laser


1.Rod size: 2 - 12mm in diameter and 1 - 180mm in length;

2.Nd dopant concentration : 0.6% - 1.3%;


4.AR-coating or/and dichroic coating;

Nd:YAG Crystal

The high neodymium-ion doped YAG has been grown by the novel technique-Temperature Gradient Technique (TGT). The Nd concentration can be doped up to 3%. As large asf100x80mm bulk crystals with excellent optical homogeneity, less scattering particles, low dislocation density have been obtained.

Typical Dimensions:

Diameter3, length 50mm

Diameter 3, length 63mm

Diameter 3, length 110mm

Diameter 4, length 50mm

Diameter 4, length 80mm

Diameter 4, length 110mm

Diameter 4, length 120mm

Diameter 4, length 130mm

Diameter 4, length 140mm

Diameter 5, length 110mm

Diameter 5, length 115mm

Diameter 5, length 130mm

Diameter 6, length 110mm

Diameter 6, length 120mm

Diameter 6, length 130mm

Diameter 6, length 150mm

Diameter 6, length 165mm

Diameter 7, length 120mm

Diameter 7, length 165mm

Diameter 8, length 120mm

Diameter8, length 150mm

Diameter 10, length 150mm