Laser Cutting Glass

Jan 13, 2021
Laser Cutting Glass

1. Generation of cracking surface crack method

Laser marking and cutting machine adopts the process of heating and cooling, so that the affected glass surface changes, the core of which is the internal structure of the glass changes under the change of temperature. This method is not immediately visible, but only after a little pressure begins to produce a turtle - like crack along the marked area. Crack surface glass not only has security, but also can play ice crack is not fully transparent effect. The glass with this effect is widely used in interior decoration, such as background wall, partition, etc., can play the effect of partition closed space, but also can be used in glass furniture, loved by consumers.

2. Discrete point forming ring crack method

Laser marking and cutting machines use a series of ring cracks to create shape code patterns, including text codes, bar codes, square or rectangular codes, and other shape code patterns. The use of this method of the general use of carbon dioxide laser marking cutting machine is more, carbon dioxide cutting marking machine set a glass marking parameters produced by the crack is less. Glass produces low-density ring cracks through heating and cooling cycles. The shape code patterned glass produced by laser marking and cutting machine is often used for indoor and outdoor decoration, such as window glass and outer glass of buildings. The glass with patterns adds a sense of movement and beauty to the window or building.

In modern decoration, the effect that glass place has is cut off not only, more important is adornment effect. Laser marking cutting machine price is low and quality is good, the cut glass with different shapes of glass patterns can adapt to the use of different scenes, laser marking cutting machine new reference price is also related to the type and shape of the pattern can be cut.