Laser Cutting Machine Is Used In Ceramic Tile Industry-superwave Laser Cutting Machine

Metal laser cutting machine is widely recognized as a multi-functional machine in the market. It has been widely used in the market and its application in the ceramic tile industry has been well played.

The main application of metal laser cutting machine is: tile background wall, TV background wall, technological background wall, backwall marking, etc.


1. It can be used for quick cutting of the non-dry adhesive on the ceramic tile surface. The cutting precision is high and the effect is exquisite. No matter how complicated and winding your graph is, it will not affect the cutting effect.

2. 1.3*0.9 meters of the processing size, can directly cut the shape of multiple tiles together, thus avoiding the error of the single cut of the ordinary cutting machine.

3. It is more delicate and more convenient than traditional processing.

Shenzhen superwave laser technology co., LTD will provide a lot of ways and methods of laser cutting machine for you , metal laser cutting machine will be more promising in application.

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