Laser Cutting Machine Used On Jewelry Industry Application

Nov 04, 2020
Laser Cutting Machine Used On Jewelry Industry Application

Jewelry is a carrier to express beauty. It is difficult to accurately verify the origin of wearing jewelry. It may be that since humans began to know how to decorate and beautify themselves, they have formed a strange relationship with jewelry...

The first jewelry can be divided into many types, including necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, sunglasses, brooches, etc. When the first jewelry meets the laser cutting machine, the word "beauty" can only be used to describe.

The combination of jewelry and laser cutting technology can make thousands of interesting models for you. The combination of cutting machine and chain is a unique necklace head jewelry. The laser cutting machine is used to cut personalized shapes for jewelry, and the imaginative graphics are engraved to make the first jewelry, and the transparent beauty and individual beauty are worn on the body.

As a kind of close-fitting decoration, the processing quality of the product is particularly important. Too rough processing may cause injury to the human body. In addition, for accessories, such a small batch of processing products, if the use of traditional mold opening processing, to a certain extent will extend the delivery time, and further affect product sales. Therefore, high-tech laser processing with its advantages of high precision and high efficiency has gradually become the preferred processing tool in the jewelry industry.

No matter it is necklace or ring, no matter it is metal or nonmetal, no matter it is cutting or engraving, the jewelry laser processing equipment of superwave laser, there is always one that suits your taste!