Laser Processing Technology And Its Application In Auto Parts Manufacturing-Superwave Laser Machine

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional China fiber laser welder manufacturer, with professional factory ,has 10 years of technical deposition on automobile welding.

In the automobile industry, traditional welding has resistance welding, CO2 electric arc welding, manual welding and other welding technology. But traditional welding methods exist after welding deformation, weld quality is poorer, easy to produce the weld defects such as porosity, large heat affected zone, and is unfavorable to small size requirement is high, the deformation of thin plate welding and transmission gear shaft. But since the 1960 s, with the continuous development of laser technology, from the first ruby laser to high power CO2 laser, the automotive industry, processing industry has been developed rapidly, the laser welding process. Laser welding is not only good for welding all kinds of metals, but also welding non-metal, semiconductor, ceramics, etc., and has the characteristics of small thermal deformation and good quality of welding.

In automobile industry, laser technology is mainly used in welding, welding and parts welding. Is laser welding in the manufacture of automobile body design, according to the different design and performance requirements of the body, choose different specifications of the steel plate, with a laser cutting and assembling technology to complete a certain parts of the car body manufacturing, such as a windscreen frame, door board, deck, pillar etc. Laser welding has fewer parts and mold quantity, reduce the number of the spot welding, optimization of material consumption, reduce part weight, to reduce the costs and benefits of improving the size precision, at present has been used by many big carmakers and component suppliers. Laser welding is mainly used for welding of body frame structure. For example, welding of roof and side body, resistance spot welding of traditional welding method has been gradually replaced by laser welding. Using laser welding technology, the width of the joint between the workpiece connection can be reduced, reducing the use of the plate and the stiffness of the body. Laser welding parts, welding parts parts almost no deformation, welding speed, and there's no need to heat treatment after welding, laser welding components have been widely used at present, common in the transmission gear, valve tappet, door hinge, etc.