Laser Protective Goggles

Sep 18, 2019
Laser Protective Goggles

Dedicated Laser Protective Eyeglasses

Laser protective eyeglasses are special glasses that can prevent or reduce laser damage to the human eye. Laser protection eyeglass is one kind of high efficiency safety goggles, suitable for a variety of laser machines, laser pens, and series of optical equiptments.

Its optical safety performance is fully satisfied with GJB1762-93, and the laser safety glasses have a reflective and absorbent type, which can fully protect the laser and bright light of specific bands,especially suitable for a variety of laser equipment.

Applicable people of laser protective eyeglasses

Laser operators, computer operators, pilots, gas welders, welders, high temperature furnace operators, medical or industrial personnel operating X- ray fluoroscopy


Technical parameters

Product features and technical parameters
Product nameLaser protective eyeglasses
Typical laser wavelength1064nm

Optical density(OD)


Light transmittance


Protective characteristics

Comprehensive protection of absorption type

Product features

GJB1762-93 standard

Product advantages

Wear comfortable, beautiful, safe and reliable