Laser Scanner Welding Machine-superwave Laser Welding Machine

Jan 16, 2018
Laser Scanner Welding Machine-superwave Laser Welding Machine

1, high-speed galvanometer scanning laser welding machine adopts high-speed galvanometer scanning, speed up to 7 m/s, solder joint 15 / s, vibration mirror light way, makes the welding speed is greatly increased and graphics scan and scope of work is more flexible, and greatly enhance the capacity of the client, transfer of continuous work, suitable for computer accessories, mobile phones, MP3, MP4 shell of consumer electronic products such as high-speed welding and continuous welding.


2, the galvanometer laser system with double vertical vibrating mirror each other, its working principle is: input a position signal, oscillating motor vibration will make the lens in a certain voltage and Angle conversion ratio of swing Angle, make the different areas of the laser can be in the same plane and continuous spot welding seam welding. The whole process adopts closed-loop feedback control, and the drive circuit board adopts a variety of anti-interference measures, with high reliability, good linearity, high repeatability and short response time. The vibration mirror laser welding machine has a great improvement on the welding speed of the traditional automatic welding machine.


3, PC control interface, convenient intuitive, and AutoCAD, CoreIDRAW other software can be edited or graphics processing through the software, can complete automatic or semi-automatic multipoint welding, welding plane complex graphics.


4. Standard X one-dimensional electric platform and independent and stable large bearing type lifting body, the control connection interface of multiple peripherals shall be reserved.


Equipped with mandatory external refrigeration system, three-piece chiller, to avoid the influence of indoor temperature.


5. Product application


Galvanometer laser welding machine is suitable for mobile phones shield, metal shell, metal capacitor shell, hard disk, micro-motor, sensors and other related products of high efficiency laser spot welding or seal welding.