Laser Spot Welding Machine -superwave Laser Machine

Desktop Laser spot welder is mainly use in jewelry and dental industry or other hardware field. The laser spot welding machine is very high performance and high accuracy welding system; it’s mainly use in Jewelry welding, dental welding, Watch repair, Eye-glasses welding, sensor welding, medical etc.

the advantage of superwave laser spot welding machine:

1. The high performance laser power supply developed by our company makes the single pulse energy high, low power consumption, low thermal influence, and not hot at welding.

2. It is not necessary to fill the solder, the welding speed is high, the contact is reliable, the workpiece is small and the shape is beautiful.

3. The machine is equipped with imported liquid crystal shield to prevent the damage to the eyes from the spark of welding.

4. Unique YAG crystal cooling mode, improved beam quality and the life of xenon lamp, reduced the cost of use.

5. Laser welding machine at work play on the workpiece to produce a small amount of smoke, in order to guarantee the working environment clean, convenient for operation and clear observation of solder welding effect, this equipment is specially design of smoke exhaust system in the working chamber, quickly and efficiently in the process of welding the working cavity of smoke exhaust.

6. The latest development of the new generation of touch screen welding control system, the startup time is only 20 seconds, the performance is more stable, the supporting software is easy to edit and operate, the function is rich.

Laser technology can provide non-contact and wear-resistant permanent markers for most materials such as platinum, gold, silver and titanium. Because of its high speed, precision and the ability to make deeper engravings, the laser marking machine has replaced the diamond carving work of many jewelry manufacturers and commercial street jewelers.

The laser can also be used for various bevel inlays, like a laser welding set for two thin slices. To do this, examine the gem and verify the outline of the gem.