Laser Spot Welding Machine-superwave Laser Machine

The jewelry laser welding machine is mainly used in gold and silver jewelry filling hole and welding sand eye. Laser welding in laser material processing technology is one of the most important aspects of, welding process is thermal conduction, i.e. the laser radiation heating the surface of the workpiece surface by heat conduction to internal heat diffusion, by controlling the width of laser pulse, energy, peak power and repeating frequency and so on parameters, melt artifacts, to form specific molten pool. Because of its unique advantages, it has been successfully applied to various kinds of gold and silver jewelry processing, micro and small parts welding.

Technical features:

1. Energy, pulse width, frequency and spot size can be adjusted in a larger range to achieve multiple welding effects.

2. Parameters are controlled by the closed cavity control rod, simple and efficient.

3. Adopt the ceramic polyoptical cavity imported from the UK, corrosion resistant, high temperature, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, and 8-10 years of the life of the concentrator, and the life of xenon lamp is more than 8 million times.

4. The use of the world's most advanced automatic lighting system eliminates the need for eye stimulation during working hours.

5. Have 24 hours continuous working ability and stable performance of the whole machine.

6. Humanized design, ergonomic, long working without fatigue.

Applicable fields: widely used in aviation, aerospace, sporting goods, jewelry, golf head, medical equipment, aluminum alloy denture, instrumentation, electronic, mechanical processing, automobile and other industries, especially for gold and silver jewelry to fill holes, spot weld lines, Mosaic forces and claw foot position welding.