Laser Used On Hardware And Kitchenware

Jun 24, 2020
Laser Used On Hardware And Kitchenware

Laser Technology in Hardware and Kitchenware Production

Full-scale Laser Solutions for a wide range ofHardware and Kitchenware products, include kitchenware welding & marking such as Kettle Welding, Caddy Welding, Nozzles, Housings and Heat exchangers, Vaccum Cup Welding, Sink Kitchenware Welding and Worktables Welding, etc . The weld joints are highly stressable and easy to post-processing.

Besides, handheld laser gun offers a flexible solution for irregularly shaped kitchen ware.

Laser Welding Samples

Various Hardware and Kitchenware can be marked flexibly, durably and with changing contents.

Laser Marking Samples