Laser Welding 304 Stainless Steel-SuperWave Laser Welding Machine

In laser welding industry, the use of the manufacturer of laser welding of stainless steel workpiece is very much, laser welding machine the welding effect is also very good, 304 stainless steel material nature by laser welding is also a good choice.

Laser welding machine for welding compared with the traditional welding, low power pulse laser seam welding with high power density, energy concentration, low heat input and welding seam narrow and the advantages of small deformation, and the focused laser beam can be obtained after a small spot, precision positioning, these characteristics make laser seam welding is better than other welding method is suitable for the welding of small size workpieces. For the laser welding of ultra-thin stainless steel materials, because the material is very thin, it is easy to vaporize the perforation, to get a continuous, unburnt weld. The key is precise control of parameters.

The main parameters affecting the quality of laser welding are welding current, pulse width and pulse frequency, etc. The main effects are as follows:

(1) with the increase of the current, the width of the weld increases, the welding process appears spatter, the weld surface oxidizes and has a rough feeling.

(2) the width of the welding seam increases with the increase of pulse width. The change of pulse width has great effect on the welding effect of stainless steel overthin plate laser welding machine. Small increases in pulse width can lead to oxidation and burning of samples.

(3) with the increase of the pulse frequency, the overlap of the welding spot increases and the weld width increases first. Under the microscope, the weld is more and more smooth and beautiful. However, when the pulse frequency increases to a certain value, the welding process spatter seriously, the weld becomes rough, and the surface of the welding joint is oxidized.

(4) the laser welding of the ultrathin plate material is suitable for the use of the positive defocusing. In the case of the same defocus, the welding surface of the weld is smooth and beautiful when the surface of the weld is less than negative.

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