Laser Welding Technology Is Applied In Automobile Manufacturing 1-Superwave Laser Machine

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Laser welding is the use of high energy density of laser beam, as a kind of high precision welding heat source method, compared with the traditional spot welding has many advantages, can greatly enhance the car performance in terms of

The welding quality is better, the laser welding adopts the technology of filling the gap with the thermal welding wire, the body of the body sheet metal after welding is welded together, the welding surface light is integrated, the overall welding quality is excellent. Although welding cost is low, there are potential welding defects in welding, welding and covering of air holes.


Welding speed is fast, the welding speed of laser welding is 5~6 m/min; The speed of spot welding is an average of one/three seconds. Take the top cover of the car as an example, about 100 solder joints shall be soldered. It will take 5 minutes to solder the solder. For laser welding, a single laser welding head is welded to a 4-meter long area, which takes only 0.8 minutes.