Laser Welding Technology Is Applied In Automobile Manufacturing 2- Superwave Laser Machine

Welding sealing effect is good, after laser welding welding wire welding, the welding area of the body panels, the overall welding, achieve completely sealed, the perfect solved the body can't water, air sealing requirements. Spot welding is a continuous welding, inevitably there is distance between solder joints, solder joints may be overlapping area between the existence of clearance, in order to satisfy the requirement of the body can't water and air seal must be assisted by sealant.

Higher intensity of laser welding parts, through the tensile test can be found that a solder joint cracking needs to exert force of about 3500 cows, intensity of welds in laser welding forming equivalent length is 1.5 times of the intensity of spot welding.


Laser welding need to design the short welding edge, can effectively reduce the body weight: laser lap welding design side is zero, only when the design consideration of sheet metal stamping forming technology of suit; The design of the bonding material of spot welding shall take into account the space of the solder joint. Depending on the thickness of the plate is generally around 16 mm, the lengthening of the edges means that the body weight is heavier.

The welding appearance is more beautiful: the final appearance of laser welding, the line is smooth and neat, the whole has the texture. The appearance of spot welding is uneven. There are inherent defects such as welding pits, corners and burrs.