Laser Welding Wire Is Used To Repair Molds-Superwave Laser Mould Welding Machine

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It is well known that the welding of precision mould is different from other parts, and its requirements for quality control are very strict, and the repair cycle of the workpiece must be as short as possible. Traditional argon welding heat affected zone is big, the welding caused the collapse, the surrounding deformation such as probability is very high, the high accuracy, large welding area of the mold, must go through heat preheating, welding, under the certain temperature annealing treatment and natural cooling, even down to cost and time cannot be accepted by users; However, cold welding has defects such as weak welding and weak welding. However, laser welding has no shortage of argon welding and cold welding, so it is widely used.

1. After welding polishing, no sand eye, crack, black and other bad welding quality, the hardness of welding after the consistency of the mother material;

2, the wire surface with metallic luster with good quality, good toughness and absorption of moisture is easy to rust, not rusty wire because its surface coating of rust layer thickness, or its material close to the stainless steel components, fall off easy trachoma or deformation after welding, or low hardness. Lasers can melt, burn, or evaporate almost all of the material. These gases and vapors may endanger the health of the person if the wire used is heavy metal, or the surface of the wire is coated with a toxic component. We recommend that users of laser welding should be vigilant and not use laser welding to ensure the health of laser welding operators and improve the technical quality of laser welding in China.