Lighting LED Industry - Superwave Laser Machine

Feb 28, 2021
Lighting LED Industry - Superwave Laser Machine

LED sapphire substrate has many advantages: firstly, the production technology of sapphire substrate is mature and the device quality is good; secondly, sapphire has good stability and can be used in high-temperature production process; finally, sapphire has high mechanical strength, is easy to handle and Clean.

The hardness of sapphire is very high, and its hardness is second only to diamond in natural materials, but it needs to be thinned and cut in the manufacturing process of LED devices, and its cutting accuracy is calculated at the μm level, which is for sapphire substrate cutting The craftsmanship puts forward very high requirements.

  Laser, as an advanced processing technology, uses a high-energy-density beam to precisely cut sapphire materials, which has significant advantages:

  ● The laser beam is used for non-contact processing without consumables, while traditional diamond tool machining is prone to waste of materials, and the tools are easy to wear and need to be replaced regularly.

  ● Low thermal influence and high processing accuracy. It can cut tens of thousands of chips on a two-inch wafer with a chip pitch of only 0.02mm.

  ● Equipped with a fully automatic loading and unloading system, which significantly reduces labor costs and improves production efficiency.

Lighting LED industry - Superwave laser machine