Linear Single & Multi Axis Robot For Automatic Equipment-Superwave Laser

Apr 17, 2018
Linear Single & Multi Axis Robot For Automatic Equipment-Superwave Laser

The Linear Robot is one kind of mechanical structure which can provide linear motion, which can realize the load line through the combination of each unit, so that the automation of light load is more flexible and accurate.

Advantages of Linear Robot     


The single robot can bring convenience to the automatic equipment  industry: high speed of monomer, high precision of repeat positioning, light body mass, small space of equipment and long life.


1.High rigidity and heavy load                                                        

2.Smooth running, low noise and non-pollution,high speed           

3.High accurancy and easy setting up                                                             

4.Trial order is acceptable

5.Professional factory manufacturer,provide mass production.  

6.Standard types are in stock.                                             




Features of Linear Robot :


Linear bearings and guides provide low friction, smooth, accurate motion for nearly any 

moment or normal loading condition.    


1.Dynamic and static friction resistance difference is small, which is helpful to improve 

the response  speed and sensitivity of CNC system                      

2.The driving power is small which reduces the energy consumption             

3.High positioning accuracy  and repeat positioning ccuracy 

4.By increasing the preload, the rigidity is greatly enhanced                 

5.Using paired guide rails, it has the effect of homogenizing error

Single Axis Robot



axis Robot-black-new.png

 axis Robot-white-new.jpg


Linear X-Y Axis Robot



Linear X-Y Axis Robot-open.jpg



Linear X-Y Axis Robot-enclosed.jpg







Application fields of Linear Robot:


1.laser machine industry:laser cutting machines and laser welding machine,laser cutting machine rtc.

2.Rubber machine industry:automatic rubber machine and semi-automatic rubber machine etc.

3.Industrial machinery:plastic machinery,printing machinery,textile machinery,papermaking machinery,food machinery and woodworking machinery

4.Electronic machinery:semiconductor machinery,mechanical arm,x-y platform,measurement equiptment and electronic equipment,etc.

5.High-speedtan,potation equlpment


Design drawings of Linear Robot