Metal Advertising Words Laser Welding Machine

Oct 21, 2019
Metal Advertising Words Laser Welding Machine

Advertising word laser welding machine is the application of high energy pulse laser welding of objects, the machine itself with the German technology, the overall appearance, equipped with high performance bearing workbench, handle type simple operation, high cost performance, suitable for all kinds of advertising industry and small welding processing industry.


Used for welding various kinds of stainless steel mirror word, stainless steel wire drawing word, stainless steel plane word, stainless steel baking paint word, stainless steel spurted plastic word, stainless steel solid word, stainless steel plating word, stainless steel spherical word, stainless steel gold foil word, precision work stainless steel word, titanium plane word, titanium spherical word, precision work titanium word, plane copper word, spherical copper word, red copper word, red copper antique word, precision work aluminum word, sheet metal paint word (stainless steel belt, iron belt, mild steel belt) advertising words, metal word welding forming.

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