Metal Eyeglass Frame Welding

Jan 22, 2021
Metal Eyeglass Frame Welding

Eyeglass frame, is an important part of glasses, which mainly plays a role in supporting the lens, beautiful appearance of the eyeglass frame can also play a beautiful role. The lens frame material mainly has the material of metal, plastic or resin, natural material. According to the style, the frame can be divided into full frame, half frame, frameless and other types.

The structure of lens frame is usually composed of lens ring, nose support, pile head and lens foot. The metal material that uses at eyeglass frame commonly has copper alloy, nickel alloy and noble metal 3 big categories. Generally there are several kinds of materials:

Titanium frame is a medium and high-end consumer goods. In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards in China, the domestic demand for titanium frame has begun to expand rapidly. There are also a number of manufacturers of titanium frame in China, but its raw material titanium is still relatively dependent on imports from Japan. Up to now, there are still very few manufacturers that develop and produce titanium wire materials for eyeglass frames by themselves in China, and the production of β titanium alloy wire materials for eyeglass frames is also in the stage of just development in China.

Difference between pure titanium, β titanium and titanium alloy:

1, pure titanium: refers to the purity of titanium reached more than 99% of the titanium metal materials. It is characterized by high melting point, light material, strong corrosion resistance, solid electroplating. But in the glasses industry, pure titanium frame often refers to the frame made of titanium A;

Now metal frames are very popular in the market because of their beauty, comfort, fashion and other characteristics. Plastic frames do not need welding in general. If the metal frames are generally used in the connection between the mirror foot and the mirror ring, and the connection between the nose bracket and the mirror ring, welding will be used. Because the shape of the frame itself is different, the welding place and the difficulty of welding are also different, so the welding machine and welding method needed are also different accordingly.

Next, I will introduce a little bit about the laser welding machine that can be used to weld the eyeglass frame and its respective characteristics.

Laser spot welder, this laser spot welder is specially designed for spot welding of precision parts. Characteristic is easy to operate, high precision, suitable for long time welding, ergonomic design, reduce fatigue and fatigue caused by deformation and errors. This laser spot welder can be used to weld most metal frames. It can adapt to various welding requirements and different shapes of frames.