Mobile Laser Welding Machine YAG Laser-superwave Laser

The mobile laser welding system, it's suitable for welding large size mould, which is heavy and difficult to move. The MLW laser welder with wheels of each host system, workbench, laser cooling system and the mobile arm system, so it can move by the side of moulds, and no need do disassembly the mould from the casting machine or the plastic injection machine, the mobile arm with straight or turn and tiltable processing head and variable focus range of up to 300mm allow welding in any position whatever, even in deep cavity and holes. Even complex work piece geometries can be handled in an ergonomic working position due to the optional 360 degree swivel lens set of the laser focusing head.

Laser feature
Laser wavelength1064nm
Max.Average laser power200W300W400W
Laser beam spot size0.2-2.0mm
Pulse energy100J/10ms120J/10ms140J/10ms
Pulse duration0.1-20ms
Pulse frequency1-50Hz (100Hz optional)
Positioning methodRed point indicator with crosshair of microscope
Cooling methodWater cooling with chiller
Working conditions
Mains of 200W laser systemAC220V±5%,50 or 60Hz,single phase with earth wire
Mains of 300 to 400W laser systemAC380V±5%,50 or 60Hz,3phase with earth wire
Power consumption of 200W laser8KW Max.
Power consumption of 300W laser12-16KW Max.
Environment temperature10?-40?
Control system
Control systemMicrocontroller with 3axis motorized joystick controller
Software systemMicrocontroller
Work bench size500mm x 350mm
Travel distance of workbenchX:240mm,Y:140mm,Z:250mm,Other size optional X, Y is manual, the Z axis is motor drive.
Loading ability of workbench200kg
Mobile arm systemJoystick control with 3axis motorized , motion speed adjustable,Rotary axis is manual with lock set, The travel distance of each axis X:400mm,Y:200mm,Z:650mm;
Dimensions of the host system1550mm×1650mm×1800mm (L,W,H)