Mold Repair Tools -laser Mold Welding Machine-superwave Laser

mold repair tools for laser mold repairing welding





 Welding Wire.png






Welding WireSpecialized for repairing mold, we can provide various kinds of wire to repair molds





 Rotary fixture.png







Rotary fixtureSpecialized for mold welding,we can customize the fixtures according to your requirements.






 Magnetic Clamp.png









Magnetic Clamp:especially for laser welding ,a switch able permanent magnet, for clamping the work piece.


 360 Degree Swivel Lens.png













360 Degree Swivel Lens:applied to laser mold welding machine,it's convenient to observe and weld angle,corner position.


 Smoke purification device.png










Smoke purification device: applied for recycling flue gas and dust in the process of welding