Mould Laser Welder For Plastic Mold

Apr 02, 2019
Mould Laser Welder For Plastic Mold

This is fiber optical laser welding system, the high power laser beam delivery by an optical fiber, so it's ensure to do the long distance welding, the laser focus head is light weight, easy to operate, A flexible mobile arm with straight or turn and tiltable processing head and variable focus range of up to 300mm allow welding in any position whatever, even in deep cavity and holes. Even complex work piece geometries can be handled in an ergonomic working position due to the optional 360 degree swivel lens set of the laser focusing head.



1.Importing the advanced technology from German, using a unique design of overall structure, suitable for various medium and big moulds repairing.

2. Using the ceramic reflectors that import from UK . It can resist corrosion and high temperature. Its lifetime up to 8-10 years.The xenon lamp lifetime more than eight million times.

3.Small range of heat, the workpiece will not be deformed, no stomata.

4. It can weld in narrow position, welding deeper, and would not hurt the edge.And it wouldn’t make the mould deformation.

5.Parameter adjustment using intelligent remote control, operating simply and fast .

6.No need to modify the mould,it can save a lot of material, labor and time costs.

7. It can work 24 hours continuously.



It is mainly use in mould & plastic industry,which adopts laser high energy focusing to effectively process tiny broken parts of moulds.Such as:repairing all kinds of mould cracks,small holes,collapse,sealing edge and other tiny parts.It has irreplaceable advantages while compare with traditional welding like high accuracy rate,high speed,depth,strength,no holes after processing,can polish into shining surface after welding,especially suitable to repair mould which require polish.