OEM Fiber Laser Source-superwave Laser

Mar 31, 2018
OEM Fiber Laser Source-superwave Laser


  • IPG laser source

  • SPI laser source

  • Max photonics laser source

  • Raycus laser source

  • JPT laser source

Product Feature

  • Short turning on time, short pulse, high peak power, wide repetitive frequency range

  • There is no leak when the laser are switched off

  • There is no shadow and virtual circuit when process the special materials

  • Anti-high-reflection, could do machining on the materials of gold, silver, aluminium, copper etc

  • Compact design 3D outward design

  • High reliability long life time, universal 25 pins interface

Typical Application

  • Ceramic, plastic keys, metal and non-metallicmaterial marking

  • Precision machining and cutting

  • Graphic engraving

  • Special materials processing, etc

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