PCB Circuit Board Laser Cutting Machine

Dec 03, 2020
PCB Circuit Board Laser Cutting Machine

The working principle of PCB laser cutting machine is to scan the surface of PCB with 355nm ultraviolet short-wavelength laser beam, so that high-energy ultraviolet photons directly destroy the molecular bonds on the surface of flexible materials to achieve the purpose of removing materials. Ultraviolet laser processing belongs to “cold processing”. This “cold” photo-etched component has a small heat-affected zone with smooth edges and minimal carbonization to ensure the best quality of processed PCB products.



PCB laser cutting machine is a laser cutting machine with high speed, high precision, high yield and high flexibility. By using high energy ultraviolet laser, the device can accurately control the laser beam, and can accurately cut the flexible circuit board and organic covering film without fixing the die or protective plate, effectively improve the processing speed and obtain the accurate processing results.

1. With high-performance UV lase and self-developed control software.

2. With high-precision and high cutting precision galvanometer scanner.

3. With reliable and high-precision linear motion platform system.

4. With high-precision CCD positioning system.

5. With high-efficient and flexible software operation system



With the increasing demand of PCB circuit board in consumer electronics, automobile electronics, cutting edge without dust, burr, deformation, will not affect the edge components become the mainstream requirements, the traditional processing mode milling cutter, walking knife, punching, sawing and other modes will affect the PCB circuit board to varying degrees. However, PCB the non-contact machining mode of laser cutting machine, the machining will not produce stress and dust, and the machining gap is especially small. These advantages make this machining mode stand out and are more and more favored by various manufacturers.

1.The laser processing method is non-contact processing, and the heat affected zone of the component is small during processing;
2. High Performance UV laser, small focus spot, uniform power distribution, small thermal effect, small slit width and high cutting quality;
3. Precision 2D table and full-closed CNC system ensure fast cutting while maintaining micron order Accuracy;
4. Position sensor and CCD image positioning technology, automatic positioning, focusing, making positioning fast and accurate, saving time and worry, high efficiency.

5. The machine can be integrated into the production lines and connected to various loading and unloading devices for cutting without manual operation.


Suitable for all types PCB substrate cutting, such as ceramic substrate, soft and hard bonding plate, FR4、PCB、FPC、 fingerprint identification module, covering film, composite material, copper substrate, aluminum substrate, etc., widely used in the precision processing of electronic industry.


PCB laser cutting samples