PCB/FPC UV Laser Cutting Machine Plays An Important Role In The Intelligent Equipment Industry

Mar 25, 2021
PCB/FPC UV Laser Cutting Machine Plays An Important Role In The Intelligent Equipment Industry

FPC/PBC UV laser cutting machines have already penetrated into all fields of the intelligent equipment manufacturing industry, in which key elements will become a new direction for the development of the manufacturing industry.

For China, 2019 is a challenge, and the success of 5G will also be the pride of the Chinese nation. In this regard, in the construction of the 5G era, we must not be taken lightly.

Compared with the 4G era, 5G needs to meet the three major performance requirements of full spectrum access, high-frequency transmission, and high spectrum efficiency. Therefore, the requirements for device raw materials will be stricter, which has promoted the rapid development of many device materials industries. 5G will create 12.3 trillion US dollars in value and 22 million jobs for many industries around the world.

It is precisely because of the importance and criticality of 5G that the FPC UV laser cutting machine plays an irreplaceable role in the important processing field of 5G. The most eye-catching product is the coverage of smart phones. With the advent of the 5G era, major mobile phone brands will also make more comprehensive upgrades to their smart phones. According to statistics and sorting, the current domestic mobile phone brands Huawei, OPPO The consumption of FPC circuit boards such as VIVO and VIVO is generally between 10-15 pieces. The consumption of FPC circuit boards of iPhoneXSMAX reached 27, and its value has also soared from 30 US dollars in the past to 70 US dollars.


PCB laser cutting samples

The fifth-generation phones use millimeter waves that are sensitive to metal. If a metal case is used, it is likely to shield the signal. The development trend of mobile phone materials will develop towards non-metallic materials, such as glass, ceramics, and composite panels. It will also become the mobile phone case. development trend.

Moreover, the non-contact processing method of the FPC/PBC ultraviolet laser cutting machine makes the product internal stress-free, small cutting edge and chipping, high precision, and high processing yield. It is very suitable for hard and brittle materials such as ceramics and glass. Metal mobile phone shell or screen ceramic cover, fingerprint recognition ceramic chip cutting, cover earpiece, sound hole drilling, etc.

Combining the edging method with the composite processing technology not only improves the processing efficiency, processing accuracy and product yield, but also ensures the beauty of the ceramic products. Whether it is FPC circuit boards or non-metallic materials, FPC UV laser cutting machines will play an irreplaceable role in China's manufacturing in the 5G era, creating a new world of China's manufacturing.