Performance Characteristics Of Superwave Laser Engraving Machine

The superwave laser engraving machine USES laser beams to remove specific parts of the metal so as to achieve the desired effect or identification. In metal carving applications, the laser beam is like a chisel used in carving, chipping away the excess metal.

1. Lattice engraving: dot matrix engraving resembles high definition dot matrix printing. The laser head swings around, carving out a line from a series of points each time, then the laser head moves up and down to create multiple lines, which eventually form the entire version of the image or text. Scan graphics, text and vector graphics can be carved using dot matrix.

2. Vector cutting: unlike lattice carving, vector cutting is carried out on the outer contour of the image. We usually use this pattern to cut through materials such as wood, kernels, paper, etc. We can also mark the surface of various materials.

3. Engraving speed: the speed of engraving refers to the speed of the laser head moving, usually with IPS (in inches/seconds) indicating that high speed brings high production efficiency. The speed is also used to control the depth of the cutting, and the slower the specific laser intensity, the slower the speed, the greater the depth of cutting or carving. The engraving machine panel can be used to adjust the speed and can be adjusted by the computer's printing driver. In the 1% to 100% range, the adjustment range is 1%.

4. Engraving strength: the strength of the sculpted strength refers to the intensity of the laser at the surface of the material. The greater the intensity of a particular carving speed, the greater the depth of cutting or carving. You can use the engraving machine panel to adjust the intensity, also can use the computer's printing driver to adjust. In the 1% to 100% range, the adjustment range is 1%. The greater the intensity, the greater the speed. The depth of cutting is deeper.

5. Light spot size: laser beam spot can be adjusted by lens with different focal length. Small speckle lenses are used for high resolution engraving. The large aperture lens is used for lower resolution engraving, but for vector cutting, it is the best option. The standard configuration for the new device is a 2.0 inch lens. Its spot size is in the middle, applicable for various occasions.

6. Engravable materials: wood products, plexiglass, metal plate, glass, stone, crystal, lili, paper, double-color board, alumina, leather, resin and spray metal.

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