Performance Of Ceramic Reflector

Aug 14, 2019
Performance Of Ceramic Reflector

The ceramic reflector is used 99% Al2O3 content which is sintered at the proper temperatures to achieve a controlled porosity and strength. The surface of the ceramic reflector is coated with high reflectance reflectivity ceramic glaze.Compared with gold-plated reflector, the biggest advantage is its extremely long life time and diffuse reflection characteristics.


Main features:

1. Full glazed surface to achieve maximize reflectance efficiency and easy to clean

2. 97% reflectance efficiency at the wavelength of 600-1000nm

3. Reflectivity efficiency exceeds 95% across the wavelength range 400-1200nm

4.with appropriate porous and high strength characteristics


Physical features:

Color: white

Density: 3.1g/cm3³

Porosity: 22%

Bending strength: 170MPa

Thermal expansivity7.9×10-6/С200500℃ 9×10-6/С2001000℃