Q-Switch For Laser Machine-superwave Laser

Mar 30, 2018
Q-Switch For Laser Machine-superwave Laser



1. Industry standard water cooled Acousto-opticQ-Switch, for use in high power lamp or diode pumped Nd:YAG lasers.

2. Provide superior corrosion resistance whilst maintaining optimum performance and RF power handling capabilities up to 100W.

3. Combining top grade fused silica with high quality optical finishing and in-house anti-reflection coatings, this Q-Switch exhibits very low insertion loss and high damage threshold.

4. In addition to the standard product shown, custom configurations are available for specialized applications. These include alternative housing options, wavelengths and RF frequencies.

Key Features

  • -Industry standard for Nd:YAG lasers

  • -Superior corrosion resistance

  • -Stainless steel cooling channels

  • -High damage threshold

  • -Push fit water-connectors

  • -Up to 100W RF power handling

  • -Custom configurations available


  • -Material processing

  • -Laser marking

  • -Laser engraving

  • -Laser cutting

  • -Laser drilling

  • -Medical (surgery)

  • -Lithography

Technical Specifications

Interaction material:Fused silicon
AR coating reflectivity:<  0.2% per surface
Damage threshold:> 1GWcm-2
Transmission (single pass):> 99.6%
Static insertion loss:= 6% at 50W laser power
VSWR:< 1.2:1 (< 1.4:1 at 50W RF power)
RF power rating:100W cw (max)
Water flow rate:> 190cc / min
Water-cooling channel material:Stainless steel 316
Recommended water temperature:+22?  to +32?
Thermal switch cut-off:+55?  +/- 5?

Ordering Codes

Example:I-QS027-4S4G-N5-ST1 (Q-Switch, 27.12MHz, 4mm active aperture, shear mode, fused silica, 1064nm, 4mm OD straight push fit water-connectors, BNC.

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