QCW Fiber Laser Mobile Laser Mould Welding Machine

Oct 22, 2020
QCW Fiber Laser Mobile Laser Mould Welding Machine

QCW Fiber Laser Mobile Laser Mould Welding Machine.Its minimum focus spot diameter only one-third of the traditional YAG laser welding machine.Particularly suitable for precisely welding.Its photoelectric transformation efficiency is very high.Its power consumption is only one-tenth of the traditional laser welding equipment.From this,its annual electricity cost can be greatly reduced.It is highly reliable, almost no maintenance, have no use for replacing xenon lamp, and laser rod.Individual Quasi-CW Fiber laser pulses can be modulated with analog control to achieve the optimal temporal pulse shape or pulse train for any particular application.Due to its electro-optical conversion efficiency greater than 30% and no maintenance etc characteristics,the cost efficiency is far superior to the conventional YAG laser.


The fiber lasers produce peak power 10 times greater in pulsed versus CW mode and are ideal for the replacement of conventional flash lamp-pumed YAG lasers used in spot welding,seam welding&drilling.these compact units are substantially more cost-effective than lamp-pumed YAG lasers due to>30% wall-plug efficiencies and maintenance-free operation.

1.No need to modify the mould,it can save a lot of material, labor and time costs.

2.Good  quality  laser  beam,Good welding quality, smooth and beautiful appearance.

3.Low use cost, no consumables, maintenance-free, reduce production line debugging cost.

4.Output fiber laser power stability, electro-optical conversion rate up to 30%,Its conversion rate is 8 times of YAG.

5.With a Long lifetime,High photoelectric conversion efficiency, low energy consumption,can save a lot of cost for user.

6.Using fiber transmission,better beam quality , high efficient conversion, uniform welding spot , solder joints is more beautiful after the light transmission.



The mobile laser welding system, it's suitable for welding large size mould, which is heavy and difficult to move. The MLW laser welder with wheels of each host system, workbench, laser cooling system and the mobile arm system, so it can move by the side of moulds, and no need do disassembly the mould from the casting machine or the plastic injection machine, the mobile arm with straight or turn and tiltable processing head and variable focus range of up to 300mm allow welding in any position whatever, even in deep cavity and holes. Even complex work piece geometries can be handled in an ergonomic working position due to the optional 360 degree swivel lens set of the laser focusing head.

The traditional laser source consist of the lens, laser rods and other components.What's different is that fiber laser source integrates all this components.A several meters of fiber cable replaced the laser rod,other components are also replaced by fiber optic parts.All of that make up a laser resonator.The benefits of the design is that there is no need for para-position, calibration and cleaning the optical lens surface after the laser source installing.It means that late maintenance is easy or no maintenance required.

1.using a unique design of overall structure, suitable for various medium and big moulds repairing.

2.Parameter adjustment using intelligent remote control, operating simply and fast .

3. Optional CCD camera monitoring system, easy to observe and precise positioning.

4. Red laser point indication, convenient positioning, stable output fiber laser power

5. It can weld in narrow position, welding deeper, and would not hurt the edge,no stomata.And it wouldn't make the mould deformation.

6.High density laser energy, good laser beam quality,uniform solder joint energy distribution.


It is mainly use in mould & plastic industry,which adopts laser high energy focusing to effectively process tiny broken parts of moulds.Such as:repairing all kinds of mould cracks,small holes,collapse,sealing edge and other tiny parts.It has irreplaceable advantages while compare with traditional welding like high accuracy rate,high speed,depth,strength,no holes after processing,can polish into shining surface after welding,especially suitable to repair mould which require polish.