Several Working Methods Of Laser Welding Machine

Nov 18, 2020
Several Working Methods Of Laser Welding Machine

There are many advantages of laser welding machine, such as high aspect ratio, deep and narrow welding seam, bright and beautiful welding seam. And because of the high power density, the melting process is extremely fast, the input heat of the workpiece is very low, the welding speed is fast, the thermal deformation is small, and the heat affected zone is small. At the same time, the high density of laser welding, during the welding process, the molten pool is constantly stirred, and the gas is easy to escape, resulting in the formation of a non-porous penetration weld. The high cooling rate after welding is easy to make the weld seam microstructure, and the weld seam strength, toughness and comprehensive performance are high.

1. Lap welding/splicing welding This is a welding method that extends two plates. The thickness and material of the plates can be the same or different. It is widely used in the production of automobiles, container shells, metal frames and file cabinets, etc. in.

2. There are two ways of penetration welding. One is through heat conduction. The heat is conducted through the upper material to the lower contact surface, so that the two materials are welded together. The other is that the laser passes through the transparent material above (such as plastic, etc.) to heat the material below, so that the upper and lower materials are welded together.

3. Weaving welding is also called wobbling welding. During the welding process, the laser beam is oscillated along the track of the welding seam to improve the tolerance requirements of the welding seam and reduce the influence of air holes in the welding.

4. Laser spot welding uses high-energy laser pulses generated by lasers to instantly heat the metal to form a short molten pool, which will solidify before the next pulse. Fast speed, high efficiency, large height, small deformation, small heat-affected zone, more commonly used in jewelry, advertising characters welding, etc.

5. Galvanometer welding uses the fast scanning function of the galvanometer to preset the welding path and laser energy control parameters on the computer. The welding speed is fast, the accuracy is high, and the beam pattern is good. It is a method of fine welding.