Silicon Laser Cutting Machine/Laser Scribing Machine/ Laser Scribing Apparatus

Aug 20, 2018
Silicon Laser Cutting Machine/Laser Scribing Machine/ Laser Scribing Apparatus

Silicon laser cutting machine/Laser scribing machine/ Laser scribing apparatus

Product introduction of Silicon laser cutting machine

Laser cutting is to use high-energy laser beam to illuminate the workpiece surface,to partially melt and vaporize the exposed area so as to achieve the purpose of slicing.Using fiber laser as working light source,controlled by computer,can do all kinds of motion according to the input graph.High output power, high chip precision, fast speed,can cut curves and straight lines.

Applicable materials and industries of Silicon laser cutting machine


Suitable for single crystal silicon, polycrystalline silicon battery materials,and silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide semiconductor materials slicing and cutting.

The characteristics of laser slicing of Silicon laser cutting machine


Because the laser is focused by a special optical system into a very small point of light, high energy density.Because of its non - contact processing, minimal thermal impact, high precision, widely used in solar panels, thin metal chip slicing and cutting.

1. High configuration

Using 30W fiber laser, good beam quality, finer cutting seam, smooth edge.

2. No maintenance

Adopts standard modular design, no maintenance, continuous running without interruption, no consumable parts replacement.

3. Convenient operation

 Integrated air - cooling Settings,  smaller equipment volume, easier operation.

4. Special control software

Control software specially designed for laser scribing machine,easy to operate, can display the  scribing path in real time.

5. High efficiency

High speed and adjustable,can run for 24 hours.

6. Brand-new design

Simpler device structure and easier to use,software runs more stable and fast.

Technical parameters

Machine model

Laser type

Fiber laser

Laser Power


Laser wavelength  


Scribing precision


Scribing line width


Laser repetition frequency


Maximum Scribing speed


Working size


Power Supply


Cooling system

Air cooling