Silicon Laser Cutting Machine-superwave Laser

Jul 21, 2018
Silicon Laser Cutting Machine-superwave Laser

Laser slicing is to use high-energy laser beam to illuminate the surface of the workpiece with high-energy laser beam, so as to partially melt and vaporize the exposed area, so as to achieve the purpose of slicing. The optical fiber laser is used as working light source, and the computer controls the 2-d worktable. High output power, high precision, fast speed, curve and straight line cutting.

1. Equipment application

Suitable for wafer cutting of crystalline silicon solar cells, high configuration, professional control software, no maintenance, easy operation.

Ii. Equipment features

Because laser becomes a very small point of light after being focused by a special optical system, its energy density is high, because its processing is non-contact, with little thermal effect and high precision, it is widely used in cutting and slicing solar panels and thin metal sheets.

1. High configuration: 30W fiber laser is adopted, with better beam quality (standard base mode), finer cutting seams and smooth edges.

2. Maintenance-free: the whole machine adopts standard modular design, with no maintenance, continuous operation without interruption and replacement of consumable vulnerable parts.

3. Convenient operation: the equipment is equipped with integrated air cooling setting, which makes the equipment smaller and easier to operate.

4. Special control software: the control software specially designed for laser slicing machine is simple to operate and can display the slicing path in real time.

5. High working efficiency: the maximum cutting speed of working efficiency can reach 200mm/s.

6. With automatic feeding and unloading mechanism, the slicing machine has higher production efficiency and saves labor.

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