Split Type Portable Laser Marking Machine

Nov 23, 2018
Split Type Portable Laser Marking Machine

Split Type Portable Laser Marking Machine

Product Introduction

The fiber laser marker has a homogeneous   structure, any optical soiling, any power coupling losses and it has an air   cooling system. In contrast to other laser machines, this laser machine has a   high efficiency and reliability. Efficiency and a long duration of usage are the   main arguments for customer's choice and usage of this optical fiber laser   marking machine.

Essential features

The laser beam has an excellent quality: In   comparison with traditional laser marking machines, the laser marking machines   of series SW-FLM have the absolute superiority. The output for the base mould is   focused with a facular diameter less than 20nm. The divergence angle is ΒΌ of the semiconductor pump laser. Especially suitable for precise and extremely precise   laser marking:

Low running costs

The electrical light transfer efficiency   achieves 30% most greatly; the energy consumption is less than 800W, which is   1/10 by the lamp during laser marking pumped solids. The long-term use may save   a lot of disbursement of the users.