Stainless Steel Color Laser Marking

Jul 17, 2018
Stainless Steel Color Laser Marking

There are three ways to study the principle of color rendering of color stainless steel. Second, under the action of chemistry, electrochemistry or laser, a very thin colorless transparent oxide film is generated on the surface of stainless steel, and the interference effect of the oxide film can be shown on the surface. The third is a mixture of colored oxide and oxide film.

The interaction between laser and material is studied, including the absorption of metal material to laser and the heating process of laser to material. The surface microstructure of stainless steel color laser marking sample was observed by laser color marking experiment.

The laser thermal effect of stainless steel surface under laser was studied. The energy density of laser is proportional to the thickness of the film by calculating the heat effect equation of laser. The experiment shows that with the increase of laser energy, the color of stainless steel surface changes according to the following color order: orange - red - purple - blue - green - green - green - yellow - green - yellow - orange - red... .

Stainless steel color laser marking 7.jpg