Super Mini Laser Spot Welding Machine

Nov 30, 2019
Super Mini Laser Spot Welding Machine


Laser spot welder can weld all precious metals and their alloys without any filler or soldering material. Robust, invisible repairs of high quality can be achieved within a short time: cleaning porous surfaces of platinum and gold cast parts, repair of claws, or processing of ring sizes. The laser optimizes the production process and opens up possibilities for completely new designs. The comparatively narrow processing window for highly reflective materials such as silver and gold, requires a perfect and consistent beam quality in order to keep the weld quality constant.The desktop laser welder can weld various metallic materials such as gold, silver, platinum, titanium, palladium.



Laser welded joints are of high strength and resist even high mechanical strain without any wear. Other than adhesive seals, they are temperature-resistant and show pore-free surfaces. Compared to other joining techniques, post processing of laser weld is reduced to only a few simple steps,or can be ignored completely.

1.High flexibility

Perfect welds – even in complicated areas

2.High Precision

Spot-accurate positioning and visual control via stereo microscope

3.Minimal heat input

No distortion, no damage to temperature-sensitive components

4.Micro welding

Weld seams smaller than 50 microns with high pulse-to-pulse stability

5.Filigree and robust

Welds of 50 micron to 2 mm seam depth

6.Many different materials

Such as stainless steel, gold, silver, platinum, titanium, shape memory alloys



By matching the parameters and shape of the laser pulses to each material,the laser generates a minimal heat affected zone, thus meeting the precondition for welding temperature-sensitive components.Another positive effect of the low thermal load of the two parts is, that unwanted modifications of the joint by the welding process can almost always be avoided.The energy, pulse width, frequency and light spot size can be adjusted in a large range to realize different welding effects.

1.The first manufacturer in shenzhen to design a desktop spot welder with built-in water cooling, 10 years of technical deposition and experience of it.

2.The energy, pulse width, frequency and light spot size can be adjusted in a large range to realize different welding effects.Quality assurance,and we do all testing, such like pulse to pulse stability, energy testing,laser power testing ,free sample test etc.

3.The startup time only need 20 seconds.

4.Using microcomputer-based LED touch screen to do human-computer interaction, intuitive interface,can set 50 sets of parameters,easy to operate.

5.Use the most advanced light shielding system to eliminate the irritation to eyes by light during working

6.Touch screen outside and joystick in working chamber both can set parameters,simple and highly efficient.

7.8-10 years service life,the life of xenon lamp is more than 8 million times.

Stable laser power supply to ensure the system able to operate in 24hours.


Laser spot welder is mainly use in jewelry and dental and glasses industry or other hardware field. This kind of machine can process all metallic material, which used for making jewelries such as gold, silver, platinum, titanium, palladium,K-Gold,Stainless steel, and their alloys. It is mainly used for manufacturing and repairing jewelries, as well as precisely welding a variety of micro and heat-sensitive parts, just like nickel straps of batteries, hairsprings, watch components, down-leads of chips.