Superwave Automatic Laser Welding Machine

1, the laser power density is big, the workpiece absorbs the agile temperature increase after laser melting or vaporization, although of high melting point and hardness and hard brittle material, such as ceramics, diamond, etc.) can also be used laser processing; 2. The laser head and the workpiece are not in contact with each other; there is no problem of wear and tear; 3. The workpiece is not stressed and not easy to be polluted;

4. The material can be processed in the glass case with the work piece or sealing.

5, divergence Angle of laser beam can be less than 1 mm arc, spot diameter can be small to micron, time can be shortened to nanosecond and picosecond, at the same time, the high power laser output power in a row to kw to 10 kw level again, thus is suitable for precision micro machining, laser and is suitable for large material processing;

6. The laser beam is easy to control, which is easy to combine with fine machines, fine measurement skills and electronic calculating machines to achieve highly active and high machining accuracy.

7. The robot can be used for laser processing in a place where the bad situation or others are difficult to get close to.

Features of active laser welding machine:

1. Accept the ceramic cavity in the UK, the photoelectric conversion is high, 2.CCD image monitoring. The welding quality of the welded pipe is stable.

3. Customizable active chemical fixture for the production of products

4. It can be applied to all kinds of large welding seams, such as straight lines and circular curves.

5. Used in stainless steel, aluminum copper, cell phone shell electronic battery. Gold decoration bathroom lighting and other industries.

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