Superwave Laser

Nov 13, 2018
Superwave Laser

Superwave laser have more than 10 years experience in laser manufacturing and application area. In the ten years researching and developing, Superwave Laser technologies has a wide range Laser systems for  various industry application: such as laser marking, laser engraving, laser welding, laser cutting, laser cladding, laser heat treatment, flying laser marking systems, automatic laser welding systems, the application range include: Battery laser welding, Jewelry & Dental laser  welding, Optical device laser welding, Submarine  optical cable laser welding, Solar heat plate laser welding, laser mold & die deposit welding; cell phone laser welding; Robot laser welding; Remote laser scan welding,etc.

About us
Superwave Laser Technology Co., Ltd is the professional manufacturer of laser marking, laser welding laser engraving and  laser cutting systems. Superwave Laser technologies has devoted  to the fiber laser marker, YAG laser welding system, Diode Laser marker, DPSS YVO4 laser marker, Fiber laser marker& engraver, Fiber optical laser welding, and Fiber laser cutting system.  The laser wavelength from Ultraviolet, Infrared, to Far Infrared, we  also make CO2 laser marker, CO2 engraver, and CO2 cutting systems.

Superwave continuous and never stops learning the latest laser technologies, and share the valuable experience with American and European laser phonics companies, jobshops, Laser research institute, Our goal is to make the high stability, high reliability and reasonable price laser marking systems,laser welding systems, and laser cutting systems.

Sales Territories
Superwave laser technologies has 10 years of technical deposition, we have a lot experience of laser marker, laser welder, laser engraving and laser cutting system .  Till now, our laser systems are running in the USA,Turkey,Netherland,Poland, Czech, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Germany, Italy, U.K,Thailand, Japan, Canada, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia,South Africa and so on.