In most cases, the average power required for small size pipe cutting is relatively small, and the power of fiber laser in the current market can fully meet this requirement. Some professional equipment manufacturers have started to provide the market with fully integrated laser cutting system, the installation of equipment or improve the installation of the fiber laser, equipped with well-designed fixtures and precision multi-axis motion system, these are all precision cutting of various materials required for the medical device.

Laser cutting steel

Until recently, precision cutting was achieved by using a lamp pump solid-state laser and a coaxial auxiliary air supply method (usually with high pressure and low flow of nitrogen). In these experiments, the sample was cut by 100w fiber laser with SPI company single focal length lens structure. To determine the cutting quality, the scanning electron microscope (SEM) was used to detect the cutting quality.

Fiber laser processing results

Fiber laser can be woven processing very small Angle, high aspect ratio of cutting piece, compared with the traditional YAG solid laser, whether kerf width, kerf is woven Angle, then recast layer thickness are significantly reduced.

With free's ability to adjust the pulse frequency and pulse cycle, the controllability of cutting is improved, through metallographic test and observation of laser cutting cross section can be confirmed that the high quality of incision.


Because of the continuous demand of medical industry, laser cutting thin wall tube has developed rapidly. It is now possible to cut extremely complex shapes on the pipe wall with a diameter of 2 mm and 0.2mm thick. The application has more stringent requirements for traditional lasers, and fiber lasers can fully satisfy the requirements of the complex CNC system, thus greatly improving the cutting quality and yield.

Fiber Laser Cutting System.jpg