SuperWave Laser Cutting Machine-Cutting Various Metals And Alloys

  1. Titanium and alloy.

Pure titanium can coupling focused laser beam transformation of heat energy, auxiliary gas using oxygen chemical reaction is intense, cutting speed faster, but easy to generate oxide layer in trimming, accidentally can also cause a burn. To be safe, air is used as an auxiliary gas to ensure the cutting quality.

The quality of titanium alloy laser cutting used in aircraft manufacturing is better, although there is a little slime in the bottom of the cut, it is easy to remove.

2. Nickel alloy.

Nickel-based alloys are also known as superalloys and are very different. Most of them can be oxidized melting cutting.

3. Carbon steel.

Modern laser cutting machine can cut the carbon steel plate thickness up to 20 MM, use of oxidation melting cutting mechanism of cutting carbon steel cutting seam width can be controlled in a satisfactory range, to narrow sheet the kerf width can be 0.1 MM or so.

4. Stainless steel.

Laser cutting is an effective tool for manufacturing of stainless steel sheet as the main component. Under the strict control of the thermal input of laser cutting, it can restrict the influence of the cutting edge to small, and thus effectively maintain the good corrosion resistance of the material.

5. Alloy steel.

Most alloy steel and alloy tool steel can be used for cutting edge quality with laser cutting. Even some high strength materials can be straightened and without slime when controlled by process parameters. However, for the high speed tool steel and hot die steel containing tungsten, there will be corrosion and sticky slag in the process of laser cutting machine.

6. Aluminum and alloy.

Aluminum cutting belongs to the melting laser cutting mechanism, and the auxiliary gas is mainly used to blow the molten product from the cutting area, which can usually get better cutting quality. For some aluminum alloys, it is important to pay attention to prevent microcracks in the interstitching surface.

7. Copper and alloy.

Pure copper (copper), due to its high reflectivity, can't be cut with CO2 laser beam. Brass (copper alloy) USES high laser power, auxiliary gas USES air or oxygen, can cut the thin sheet.

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